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Kitchen Remodel Ideas – 5 AMAZING Budget Friendly kitchen renovation ideas!

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If you’re looking for some kitchen remodel ideas I encourage you to consider some of these easy to overlook kitchen makeover tips. When you are doing a kitchen makeover it’s easy to focus in on what you want the kitchen renovation to look like, but neglect some simple but effective design considerations that will make your kitchen not just look great but also function nicely too. These kitchen makeover tips will make your life a lot nicer when you are actually cooking and eating in the kitchen you just built, so take a few minutes and discover some kitchen remodel ideas that might just change your life for the better.

First on my list of kitchen remodel ideas is to thoughtfully design the cabinet above your refrigerator. If you make it the correct depth, this kitchen cabinet will be much more useful than if you skip out on a few extra bucks and just choose the least expensive cabinet above the fridge.

Second on my list of kitchen renovation ideas is to put a pull out trash can built into the kitchen cabinets to help give your kitchen a more simple and beautiful appearance.

The third thing on my kitchen remodel ideas is to incorporate a mini fridge into the design of the kitchen cabinets. This will not cost hardly any extra money and it will really add a lot of additional fridge space as well as make your kitchen look even more beautiful.

The fourth thing I encourage you to consider in your kitchen makeover is the overhang distance of your kitchen island. This will be very important if you want to actually be able to sit and enjoy your kitchen remodel. I go over the correct distances for leg room clearance in a kitchen island in this video.

Another kitchen remodel idea I have for you is to carefully select whether you use a standard kitchen countertop over hang, or if you want to go with the trendy flush mount kitchen countertop distance. Each have there own benefits and disadvantages.

The last kitchen renovation ideas I have for you can save you money in your remodel, simply shop online for kitchen hardware. You will only pay a small fraction of the cost of what the big box stores charge for kitchen hardware, so take a look online before you over pay in a local store.

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