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Home Improvement Tips to Prepare your Home For Sale

Easy home improvement tips to prepare your home for sale.

1. Love at first sight – Curb appeal / First impressions – drive up, landscaping, front door, flowers – “could I live here home.” Sweeping, blowing sidewalks
2. Total Turn-on – Light and natural light – Replace lights with brighter bulbs and higher Kelvin temps
3. Saying goodbye – Declutter – The goal is to make it easy for a potential buyer to see the house as their future home. 
4. Double shot Espresso. Starbucks paint colors. Drywall repairs. Neutralize the space.  Energizing, inspiring, relaxing, and calming all at the same time.   Paint the walls neutral colors.
5. What’s Cooking- Kitchen Declutter, clean, caulk and consolidate counters, clean stovetops/ovens  
6. Put the seat down Bathroom Clean, caulk, put out nice linens, replace shower certain/clean shower glass, polish fixtures 
7. Getting Comfortable – Living room (give buyers a place to “hang out and mentally move in)  
8. The Nose Knows – Smells … Pay attention to smells. Clean carpets. Get a friend to smell  
9. Let the light shine in – Windows.   Clean everything.  Clean windows, carpet, dog beds.

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