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It’s been a long journey of house renovations… and there’s A LOT I wish I knew before getting started. Some of which definitely would have changed my mind and/or better prepared me for what was coming.

There was a lot coming!!! ????

On the plus side… I learned a lot about renovations in Germany in general, as well as how to renovate a house in the middle of a pandemic.

I hope these pointers and my long rant will help you in your future endeavours here as well! ????HAPPY RENOVATIONS!
Would I do it again? …maybe? Probably not though.


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00:00 – Video begins00:22 – Intro Chats
01:15 – Reno Tip #1 | Handymen 04:13 – Reno Tip #2 | Cost of Reno
05:23 – Reno Tip #3 | Painting the Walls
08:11 – Reno Tip #4 | Closet Space
09:41 – Reno Tip #5 | Bauamt Warning (Building Authorities)
10:53 – Outro Chats



Hey there, I’m Jenna! A Canadian who has been living in Germany since 2014. ????????

Like many, I had a difficult time relocating – all the paperwork, making sure I wasn’t getting scammed, finding a flat, a phone plan, a job, etc. So, I took it slowly, documented all my learnings along the way, and partnered up with expats in every field so that I could help others avoid making the same mistakes I did. Let’s look at it as… PAVING THE WAY FOR NEW EXPATS TO SAVE TIME & MONEY!

I built up www.lifeinduesseldorf.com to help expats make the best out of their lives in Düsseldorf, and then soon realized a lot of the content I was sharing was helpful for ALL expats living in Germany. SO I BUILT AN ONLINE PROGRAM THAT HELPS EXPATS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD RELOCATE TO GERMANY EASILY – WHILE ALSO HELPING TO SAVE THEM THOUSANDS OF EUROS! ????

… and now I’m bringing it all to YOUTUBE! ♥️

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