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BEST DIY Tik Tok Spotify / Apple music Song Plaque || NO CRICUT || No Drawing


Hey Butterflies!

Welcome or welcome back to my channel. Today I am trying something different here and diving into DIYs. Here I make the super viral tik tok song plaque. I do not use any machine, circuit or not, to put this together! I didn’t have a circuit but knew this would be the perfect gift for someone and wanted to give it a try anyway. Also, this tutorial will NOT have you drawing the whole thing by hand lol!

Things I learned from this:

1. This method will give you bubbles, making it not 100% clear but it’s a DIY, and our first one, cut me some slack. I thought about using heat transfers or water decals instead. I’ll maybe try that out and make an update. You can also try doing this with a design background instead of a clear background to hide any imperfections.

2. For the best look you HAVE to print the album cover art separately. Just so you can get that full on color!

3. I printed multiple labels while I was at fedex just in case when I got home I messed up. Which I did…. a few times lol! That’s why it is better to just put the label first and THEN the cover art.

4. With the png I used for spotify and apple music it only comes in black. I’m sure there is a way to make it white but I didn’t take the time to figure it out.

5. If you want the song to play from youtube or from apple music you will need a QR code generator and just add it to your song plaque.

Links to the websites


2 8×11 Dollar Tree Frames (I showed an 8×10 in the video, I was comparing the sizes, do NOT buy 8×10 unless you have an 8×10 label)

Glass Glue (from home depot, you can get this virtually anywhere)

Labels —
(These labels have their own template software but it’s crappy. Pro though is the ink on these labels dry SUPER fast. Like pretty much instantly.)

Spotify PNG-

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