Surgeon Reacts to DIY Cheek Filler (How I Did Cheek Filler At Home)

Dr. Gary Linkov reacts to “How I Did Cheek Filler At Home (DIY) | Wannabe Beauty Guru”. Find out why this is really dangerous and why you SHOULD NOT attempt this at home!

Dr. Gary Linkov on Social Media:

City Facial Plastics: Dr. Gary Linkov
635 Madison Ave 1402E
New York, NY 10022
(212) 439-5177

Dr. Linkov is a prolific clinical researcher with over two dozen publications that have had a significant impact on the fields of Tissue Engineering, Head and Neck Cancer, and Facial Plastic Surgery.

Surgeon Reacts to DIY Cheek Filler (How I Did Cheek Filler At Home)

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