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HermitCraft 9 ep 3: Home improvement tips! Dragon fight! First flights!

I meet up with my friends to brainstorm ways to improve my starter house, inspired by Elvira’s House of Horrors! Featuring @iJevin, @ZombieCleo, @cubfan135, @GoodTimesWithScar, @impulseSV on home improvement!

I also joined @PearlescentMoon’s dragon fight, along with @VintageBeef, @FalseSymmetry, @rendog, @Keralis, and more!

00:00 Howdy, neighbor
03:04 First mineshaft
07:26 ZombieCleo and the dragon
13:25 Cubfan135 and the search for spruce
19:49 GoodTimesWithScar Window Tips
25:43 ImpulseSV and Rooftop Texturing
34:17 My Wordle for Cleo
35:58 Dirt storage and thanks

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