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How to Install Cement Backer Board for Floor Tile Installation | The Home Depot

Learn how to install cement backer board before laying floor tile. Prevent damaged and uneven floor tile and cracked grout by laying down backer board first. For related videos, see our Tile Installation playlist: https://thd.co/3ykn1lt

Visit our How to Install Cement Backer Board guide for more details: https://thd.co/3cx21iO

Follow these steps for laying cement backer board before tiling:
0:00 How to Install Cement Backer Board
0:22 Step 1: Plan and Mark Board Placement
0:42 Step 2: Spread Thin-Set Mortar
0:55 Step 3: Lay the Backer Board
1:16 Step 4: Secure Backer Board
1:32 Step 5: Fill Joints with Thin-Set
1:43 Step 6: Cover Joints with Fiberglass Tape
2:00 Step 7: Allow Thin-Set to Dry
2:07 Tools & Materials

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How to Install Cement Backer Board | The Home Depot

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