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Cedar Garden Hose Holder | House One | This Old House

House One editor and DIY expert Jenn Largesse shares how to build a convenient hose hideaway with a built-in reel.

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Last summer, my husband and I renovated our outdoor space and really brought our backyard to life—literally, as we added many more plants. This year, we’re excited to enjoy the big flower heads on the new hydrangeas and the privacy provided by the tall ornamental grasses around our patio. But we’re realizing that we’ll be doing a lot more watering, too.

To help with that, I built a cedar box with a reel inside that will let me deploy the hose when it’s needed and neatly wind it up—and hide it away—when it’s not. Plastic furniture feet raise the wood off the ground; stakes will keep the box from tipping or sliding.

Now, thanks to our new reel, watering plants will be much less of a chore, and I won’t have to worry about my kids tripping on the hose while playing in our new backyard.

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Two 2×2 western red cedar boards, 8’ long []
Four 1×6 western red cedar boards, 8’ long []
1 5/8 stainless steel trim-head screws []
1¼-inch stainless steel trim-head screws []
Eight 2-inch stainless steel trim-head screws []
One ½ × 1½-inch carriage bolt [] and locknut []
Two 3-inch stainless steel hinges [] with ¾-inch screws []
One quick-connect hose fitting []
One 45-degree hose elbow []
One 1½-inch PVC pipe, 2 feet long []
One 1½-inch PVC cap []
One utility handle []
Exterior wood glue []
Stakes []

Circular saw with guide []
Drill/driver []
5/64-inch drill bit []
1 5/8-inch Forstner bit []
Bar clamp []
Jigsaw []
1-inch hole saw []
5/8-inch drill bit []
Orbital sander []

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Cedar Garden Hose Holder | House One | This Old House

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