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Adding T-Track Clamps and a New Z-Axis To My X-Carve CNC ????// How To

Save 5% on HVAC filters with a subscription at ! Thanks to Filter Buy for sponsoring this video. In this week’s video, I pimped my Inventables X-Carve CNC machine!

I know I want to do more with my Inventables X-Carve ( this year, so I added a bunch of upgrades to the machine, including Rockler t-track for better clamping and workholding, as well as a raised X-axis and brand new Z-axis. With these new upgrades, I can cut pieces up to 4 inches thick on the X-Carve, at speeds I was previously unable to achieve!

???? Learn more about my Inventables X-Carve CNC :

Check out all of the upgrades I added from TBDCNC (listed below) :

Ultimate Upgrade Kit with 2” Risers and Stiffeners
2GT 9mm Belt Upgrade Kit
Supergrade Z-Axis
15mm Z Axis Upgrade

???? Tools I Used To Pimp My X-Carve :

Rockler T-Track :
Rockler Mini Hold Down Clamps :
Rockler T-Track Storage Rack :
Infinity Tools 85-119 ¼” Compression Bit :
Yellowbox Shed Magnaboot Dust Shoe :
Table Saw :
Miter Saw :
Woodpeckers Square :
Cordless Drill :
M5-.8 X 16mm Pan Head Machine Screw

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