Cricut Heat App: Your Ultimate Guide

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how to use the cricut heat app

There is a new Cricut Heat App and you may be wondering what it is or how it works. Well, I am here to cover both of those things today! Cricut Heat can only be used currently with the EasyPress 3 and the new Cricut Hat Press. Let’s take a look inside the app, how you use it, and all the functions. Then we will talk about why you might want it if you have the EasyPress 3 or the Cricut Hat Press. 

new cricut app

Cricut Heat App

Just click play on the video below to see me use the Cricut Heat App and walk you through the functions. I know you are going to love this new Cricut app if you have the new heat presses.

Can’t watch the video or miss some of the information? You can also follow along below.

Machines that Work with the App

Currently, you can only use the Cricut Heat App with the following machines. No other machines will work with the app. That includes the new Cricut AutoPress which does not support Cricut Heat.

Registering Your Heat Press

If you purchase a Hat Press or the EasyPress 3, you need to register it on the Cricut Heat app. You’ll need to download the free app from the App Store. It is for iOS or Android. That means that you need a mobile device of some sort, either a phone or a tablet if you purchase either of these presses in order to register and use your device. The device does not work until after it’s registered. However, you don’t have to use Cricut Heat to operate either of these presses. You can operate them manually with the buttons that are on the presses once they’re registered.

Just press the setup button to start and the app will take care of the rest. The Cricut Heat app registers it, often downloads a firmware update, and then you are ready to press.

cricut heat hat press set up

Pressing with Cricut Heat

Now that you have your machine ready to go, it is time to use the app to press. Pick the machine from the first screen. From there, it connects via Bluetooth to either the Hat Press or the EasyPress 3.

connecting hat press to cricut heat

Once it’s connected via Bluetooth, you can pick settings right in Cricut Heat by selecting to start a new project. Pick the material you’re using and what you’re pressing it on. NOTE: The settings in the app are for Cricut materials but I will cover how to add your own later in this post.

sending settings to easypress 3 from app

The app will then tell you the time and temperature. You just click to send the settings to your press. It sends the settings directly to your press and it starts heating it up.

sending settings to easypress 3 from app

The app will then walk you through each step. That includes a pre-press, the application itself, as well as pressing from the back if applicable. You can even click a button for more detailed instructions. For instance, if I’m pressing HTV, it needs to be pre-pressed for five seconds. The Cricut Heat will send that time and temperature first to my EasyPress 3. Once I’m done with that step, the app sends the new time and temperature settings to EasyPress 3. There’s no more guesswork or changing the time constantly. Now you know exactly what to do, and how to press it with Cricut Heat.

using the cricut heat app to make a hat

When you’re using Cricut Heat with the EasyPress 3, it does display what the temperature is. It also tells you how long it has left before it comes up to temperature. This is really convenient and one of my favorite features. If you like it as well, it’s available on both the Hat Press as well as EasyPress 3. 

cricut heat app with time

When using an older EasyPress model, you will find that there is some guesswork with finding times and temperatures in the Cricut Heat Guide. When I’m using Cricut Heat and the EasyPress 3, it takes the guesswork out of that for me. I love it for its convenience.

Using Custom Settings

Now, you’re saying to yourself, what if I don’t want to use Cricut materials? You can set a custom time and temperature right in Cricut Heat. Instead of clicking “Start a New Project”, click to set a custom time and temperature. On the custom screen, you can pick your time and your temperature. You can also pick whether or not you’re going to pre-press or press from the back.

cricut heat app custom settings

Once you set this, you send your settings to your EasyPress in the same way as before. Then those custom settings will be in your last used settings when you open Cricut Heat again. So, you can choose them again easily. This also applies if you’re not happy with the Cricut time and temperatures as you can change them with a custom setting. Even if you close the app and turn the EasyPress off, it remembers those last used settings right in the app.

new project in cricut heat app

Exact Settings for Hat Press

With the Cricut Heat app, you can send an exact time and temperature for the Cricut Hat Press. Otherwise, it just has three manual settings that you set on the side. Those three manual settings are sort of like an EasyPress Mini if you’ve ever used one of those. The Hat Press has the curved surface for the hat, as well as the hat form that comes with it. 

Layering HTV

One thing that Cricut Heat is not compatible with is layering. If you’re doing multiple layers, it does not give you directions for that. It’s just giving you a direction for a single layer. Hopefully, in the future, they will add that functionality, but currently, it is not in Cricut Heat. 

Firmware Updates

You may also occasionally see updates to firmware when you’re using Cricut Heat. This will keep your heat press up-to-date with the latest and greatest Cricut technology. Remember, it currently only connects with EasyPress 3 and Hat Press. Those are the only two machines that you can use inside Cricut Heat.

So what do you think of the new Cricut Heat App? Have you had a chance to use it yet? Personally, I think this is the best thing to happen to Cricut heat presses for beginners. I get a ton of people that struggle with both HTV and Infusible Ink application. Their issues come down to plain user error. I am hoping that these new presses and app eliminates a lot of that confusion.

heat app from cricut

I also think that Cricut Heat could be beneficial for more experienced crafters as well. We all tend to forget some steps or simply get distracted during the creating process. A helpful reminder in the app is perfect for making sure that you are following all of the steps each time you create. So, give the Cricut Heat app a try no matter what your skill level is!

how to use the cricut heat app

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