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Turn Apple AirTag Into A Card For Your Wallet (DIY) | Is It The Best AirTag Card?

Do you wish your airtag could be a card for your wallet? Well, in this video I went ahead and converted an airtag into an air tag card. Throughout this video, I provided a step-by-step process of how to turn your airtag into a card. I also tested it out with several wallets to see how well it could fit in them after reducing the thickness of the airtag.

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Tools in this Video:
– Flathead Screwdriver
– Heat Gun
– Soldering Kit/Station
– Helping Hands for Soldering
– Silicone Wires
– Scissors (Surgical & Small Pair)
– Stainless Steel Panel
– Power Drill
– Step Drill Bit
– Rotary Tool
– Super Glue
– Double Sided Permanent Tape
– Sharpie
– 5 Blank PVC Card
– 1 Stainless Steel Card

Wallets Tested in this Video:
– Fidelio Minimalist Wallet
– Look-a-like Ridge Wallet
– Billfold Wallet (Dad’s Wallet)

Timecode (Chapters):

0:00 – Start
0:14 – Intro
1:01 – Taking AirTag Apart
2:00 – Removing PCB
2:35 – Soldering
3:13 – Building the Enclosure (Card)
5:38 – AirTag vs AirTag Card Thickness
5:51 – The End Result (Remarks)
6:30 – Testing the wallets
7:47 – Ending

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