Master Bathroom – The Progress & What Still Needs To Be Done

I’ve had a couple of days off from working on the bathroom (I never work on Wednesdays, and then I had some other things scheduled for yesterday), so I’m determined to make lots of progress on the room this weekend. And I’m really feeling very motivated. Ever since I figured out the trim issues and got the trim installed (I’m talking about the crown molding and the trim around the mural wall), I’m feeling so excited about putting my nose to the grindstone and getting this room finished.

I can’t even express how discouraged I was with the trim problems. And when I have problems like that during a project — problems that seem like I can’t find a solution — it just makes me want to wash my hands of the whole thing, close the door on the room, and move on to other things. I hate that feeling of being so discouraged that I feel defeated, and fortunately it doesn’t happen often. But that trim definitely had me feeing defeated.

But now it’s all worked out. It’s installed. It’s on its way to being caulked and painted. And I love how it looks. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m okay with it now. Now I’m ready to face the rest of this project and get it done. It’s about time, right? 😀 After all, this picture, taken soon after my contractor’s guys started working on the room, was taken in July of last year.

I never thought that the room would take so long, but here we are, coming up to the end of April, and it’s still not finished. But I must say, it’s come a long way! That same view from above now looks like this…

So that’s quite a bit of progress. And as I’ve been thinking about what’s left to do, I really think that if I keep my focus on this room alone, and try to keep myself from getting sidetracked on other projects in other rooms, I can have this room completely finished by the end of May.

That might be a little ambitious, but I really do think it’s possible. I mean, the room is a mess right now, but that’s mostly just my pile of tools, wood scraps, and sawdust.

I know my construction messes make some of you very anxious, especially when I’m working on a newly installed floor (or newly refinished hardwood floor), but it it’s just how I work. My messes are part of my process, and it always works out in the end. 😀

So from here on out, I’m going to be working on this room exclusively until it’s finished, just like I did as I neared the 90% mark on the pantry remodel. When I reach that part of a project, I seem to need accountability to keep me focused.

Although this project feels a little different. Since I was stuck and discouraged for so long over the trim issue, and that has now been worked out, I actually feel more excited about digging in and finishing this room than I usually do with other rooms, where I reach that 90% mark and feel burned out and ready to move on to something else.

So here’s one last picture of where the master bathroom project stands as of this morning, with lots of trim “in progress” and needing to be finished, and a few big projects that still haven’t even been started.

But now, the big projects don’t seem daunting. I’m ready to tackle them.

So what’s left to do? Here’s my line item list that will get me to the finish line…

  1. Finish the crown molding and trim around the mural wall — sand, caulk, prime, and paint
  2. Install the last row of tiles around the ceiling in the shower
  3. Install the door between the bathroom and home gym
  4. Trim out that door
  5. Build two vanities
  6. Build the “dresser” between the vanities
  7. Make the “chandelier” and install above the bathtub
  8. Build the cabinet for the toilet area
  9. Paint the walls and ceiling in the toilet area
  10. Install baseboards in the toilet area — caulk, prime and paint
  11. Have the bathtub, tub faucet, and toilet installed
  12. Hang shower curtain in the shower (yes, I decided to use one)
  13. Order countertops for vanities and have the sinks installed
  14. Finish the plumbing on the sinks
  15. Install the wainscoting on the lower walls
  16. Finish all of the rest of the trim (doors, window, wainscoting) — wood fill, sand, caulk, prime, and paint
  17. Hang the other vanity mirror
  18. Decide on privacy (window treatments? glass film?) for the window and doors

I’m sure other little things will come up, but as far as I can see, that’s pretty close to an exhaustive list. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but there’s nothing too terribly difficult or overwhelming on the list. The biggest projects will be the two building projects — the cabinet in the toilet area and the “dresser” that goes between the vanities.

And that second one has me nervous. Only one time before (that I can remember) have I built a piece of furniture that wasn’t going to be painted. And when you paint furniture, you can hide mistakes with lots of wood filler and caulk before painting. But when a piece of furniture is going to be stained or left in its natural wood state, there’s a lot less room for error. So I’m nervous about that, which is why I’ve been dragging my feet for a long time now. But I’ll work up the confidence soon so that I can tackle that project.

And if I fail, y’all know me well enough to know that I’ll just scrap the first attempt and start right over again. 🙂

So, from here until it’s finished, I need to have my nose to the grindstone, and let’s get this thing finished…finally!!

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