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YouTube Cheats Its Creators- and I Can Prove It.

YouTube runs a business- and that means picking winners and losers. Humans choose which channels show up in search results, and which don’t, who’s going to make it, and who’s not. YouTube curates- and I can prove it.

Many thanks to the lovely Allen Pan- he and most male tech/DIY creators I know are absolutely wonderful and supportive *none of this is on them* ok?

Try searching for these titles in an Incognito or Private Window, then trying doing the same with your favorite Tech and DIY content creators:

The JingPad A1, Testing The World’s First Consumer Linux Tablet!

Arpara 5k VR Headset- Full Review

Husky Reviews the Pumpkii Pet Robot!

Becky Button, Meet Me, Your Logo on my Shirt

Bangkok’s Donki Mall and Chatuchak Market – 360º VR

Makeblock xTool Rotary Laser Cutter Review

Creality CR-20 Pro- Unboxing & Review

The Razer Zephyr Is Useless- But It Has Potential

Getting GPLv2 Compliance From A Chinese Company- In Person!

China Machine Tool Expo Pt.1- Giant CNC Machines! 360ºVR

China Machine Tool Expo Pt.2- Giant Robot Arms! 360ºVR

I visit a FAKE Chinese Slum!

The Creality Sermoon D1 3D Printer- Assembly and Test Print

Automatic Mask & Fever Checking Door Lock- From Banggood!

Thermal Camera Smartphone- the Blackview BV9900 Pro!

Testing a FLIR Fever Screening Camera For Adafruit NYC

Instamic Pro & Saramonic Blink 500 Tested at Nana Plaza Hooters!

Coronavirus Update- I’m OK Everyone!!

I Got 3D Body Scanned! And You Can Get A Copy of Me!

DIY Self-Charging Drone- with JLCPCB!

Ganker EX- A Combat Robot You Use Your Hands To Fight With!

Discount Dystopia! $50 Face Recognition Security System

Train Your Punch To Do More Brain Damage- With Science and JLCPCB!

Innfos Gluon: Amazing 6-Axis REAL Robot Arm!

Creality CP-01 Review, a 3D Printer, Laser and CNC Engraver

Creality Ender-5 Plus 3D Printer- Unboxing and Review

DJI Osmo Pocket Tested in Tokyo (Courtesy GeekBuying)

Secret Chinese Homework Cheating Machine!????

Hardware Manufacturing, LED Rings Pt.3- I demonstrate SMT soldering (poorly????)

HeartBreaker???? Chest Exploding Tool of Assassination!

The Creality CR-10s- Best Buy for Build Size?

They put the phone where!? Prison Cellphone Review!

DIY Hair Bun Cages with the Creality LD-001 DLP 3D Printer

Geek Girl Spy Cam Teardown???? with Becky Stern and Estefannie

How to get started with Lock Picking!

MakerThink Knight Precision 3D Printer Unboxing!

Intro to Cutting and Engraving with an 80w Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter

Xiaomi Mijia 360º Test- Overcast Day, Seaworld

Xiaomi Mijia 360º 3D Printed Bikini- Poolside

Quick Build- 3D Printing a Holster for my GPD Pocket Computer

BIQU Delta 3D printer- Unboxing and First Print

I FAIL to get the MOOZ 3-in-1 Printer Working????

CR-10 Factory Tour!

Xiaomi Mijia 360º Panorama- Day 1 Test Footage

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