Master Bathroom Progress: I Have A Bathtub!

The bathtub is installed in our master bathroom! And it looks just as beautiful in person as it has looked in my mind for the past year.

This is a 67-inch freestanding soaking tub by Streamline Bath that I purchased through Wayfair. I had originally found another tub shaped exactly like this, but with lots of customizable options that cost about 3.5 times as much as this one. It was the shape that I loved, not the customizable options. So I searched high and low for a more reasonably priced option, and finally found this one. It also comes in a shorter 59-inch length.

I’ve been so nervous about this install for a couple of reasons. First, this bathtub has been sitting outside under our carport in an open cardboard box (which I had to open on delivery so that I could inspect the tub) since the end of last August. It has sat there through thunderstorms, sub-freezing temps in the winter, a couple of tornado warnings, etc. I was anxious to see if it had survived all of that unscathed. And sure enough! It’s perfect!

I was also anxious to see just how much of the bottom part of the mural it was going to cover. If you remember, I installed this mural twice. The first time, I installed it too low, so the top of the tub would have covered up too much of the plants at the bottom of the wall. So I ended up ordering another mural and installing it higher on the wall.

I’m actually pretty thrilled with how much of the mural shows at the bottom. Most people aren’t going to see the mural and tub from straight on, like I showed in the very first picture. People will always see this wall at an angle from one of the two doors in the room. So coming from outside (which will eventually be the door into the bedroom), this is the view…

And coming from the home gym doorway, the view looks like this…

The faucet is the Delta Trinsic wall-mounted tub filler in Champagne Bronze, which matches all of the other fixtures in the bathroom. I debated back and forth for a while about whether to get the floor-mounted tub filler or the wall-mounted faucet, and in the end, I decided that I preferred the simple and understated look of the wall-mounted faucet. I actually like that it kind of blends in with the colors in the mural and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Now if only my ceiling medallion would arrive (it’s supposed to be here tomorrow, but it doesn’t even show that it has been shipped yet), then I could get my bubble light, and this whole wall, finished.

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