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Version 2.0 of the DIY Conservation Cull Clip

Here is new and improved version of my DIY conservation cull clips. The previous design was good but over time the clips did not hold up. Finding the right clips for this project took me a long time as I could not find the correct clamp that would not break the bank. Below is a list of all materials used in this build as well as where I purchased these. I hope enjoy this updated version.

Clips – I shopped around on EBay to find these for a cheaper price that Amazon but they can be purchased there as well.
Ergodyne Squids 3400 Glove Grabber Holder. I purchased a 6 pack of these and each clamp can be split to make 12 tags. I got these for $15.91 which comes to $1.33 each
Tubing – I purchased these at my local Lowes.
Eastman 3/8-in Clear Vinyl Tubing -10ft. I purchased these for $2.88 and if you cut these in 6 inch increments you can make 20 tags. That comes out to around $.15 each.
Paracord – I had already from previous projects so this did not cost me anything. However you can get a roll of these at Lowes fairly cheap.
Float – I picked these up at my local Walmart in the fishing section.
3 inch Comal Tackle cigar slotted peg float 3 per pack. I got these for $1.16 and you can make 3 tags per pack which comes to $.39 each.

This turned out to be a surprisingly inexpensive project.
Total cost per clip was $1.87.
Most culling systems include 6 tags so if you made these yourself it would only be around $11.22. Considering most cost about $50, this is a huge savings.
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