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How to Repair a Full Mortise Lockset | Ask This Old House

In this video, if you have an antique lockset that you’d rather repair than throw away, this guide will help.

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Carpenter Nathan Gilbert takes us on a house call to help a homeowner with an antique lockset. After the homeowner explains her troubles, Nathan removes a century-old mortise lockset from the door before disassembling it to investigate.

Difficulty: ⅗
Time: 3 hours of work, however ordering parts will take time
Cost: Under $200

Mortise Lockset Parts
There are multiple parts that make up full mortise locksets. Nothing was standard during manufacturing 100 years ago, so each lock may be slightly different. Here are some general universal parts:
* The lockbox is the carcass that contains all of the small parts within the lockset. It’s also the part that slides into the door.
* The latch is the part of the door that opens and closes with the twist of the door knob. It catches in the door frame and prevents the door from opening without the twist of a key or the knob.
* The lever is typically the doorknob assembly, but there are many parts within the lockbox that work together to make up this part.
* The deadbolt is the heavy-duty version of a latch that slides in and out of a door, and sits deeply into the door jamb.
* The cylinder is the keyed portion of the lockset. It locks and unlocks the door for passage, and connects to the other parts within the lockset to allow for operation.

Where to find it?
Nathan removes and repairs a full mortise exterior lockset. All parts and hardware were supplied by Mack Designer Hardware [].

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Small trays []
Various repair parts []
White lithium grease []
Wood putty []

Screwdrivers []
Putty knife []
Hammer []
Chisel []
Combination square []

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How to Repair a Full Mortise Lockset | Ask This Old House

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