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$2 5MM Luxury House Flip – Farm House Flip Before, Home Remodel Scope of Work

This is the MOST EXPENSIVE Fixer Upper I’ve ever purchased! This farm house flip is going to cost A LOT of money and take a while, but once it’s all done, it will look amazing!

On this fixer upper home tour, I’m going to show you home renovation ideas, especially how to do a home renovation on a budget. To do a house flip on a budget, you need to figure out a house renovation scope of work that will allow you to do a home remodel on a budget. When this project is done, we are going to show you the house flip before and after on the channel, and I think the home renovation before and after will blow your mind.

We just started working on this two story house flip, and I’m going to explain to you on this 1970s house tour about my house flipping scope of work and budget home remodeling ideas. This two story home tour will show you how a two story home renovation should be done and the home remodel scope of work.

Two story home flip usually require a more detailed house flipping scope of work because there are a lot of items that need to be updated. This two story home tour on two story home remodel will help house flipping beginners learn the process on how to do a budget house flip and how to flip houses for beginners.

We’ll be working on this bi- level house flip in the next few months. Make sure you subscribe to the channel, so you can see the big reveal once the bi-level home flip is finished and we restore the former glory of this home.

My name is Elisa. I’m a house flipper in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow @Transform Real Estate to follow our journey of flipping houses and see more home remodeling tips and tricks and house renovation before and after videos.

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