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DIY Glam Brilliant Blue & Gold Upcycled Glam Décor | 2022 Glam Home Décor Ideas

In this video I am sharing a step by step #diyglam #glamhomedecor DIY upcycle! I will show you how to use paints, fabric trims, thrifted items, Dollar Tree items and basic craft materials to create stunning and elegant #glamdiydécor for your modern glam home!
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Start
00:15 Intro & Project overview
01:15 Glass Prep Process
01:44 Glass Painting (First Coat)
04:56 Glass Painting (Second Coat)
07:14 Glass Lid First and Gold Accents)
13:23 Glass lid Assembly
20:25 Small Acrylic lids
22:14 Acrylic Vanity Tray
30:52 Embellishments (Dollar Tree Containers)
32:36 Embellishments (Apothecary Jar)
37:34 The Finished Look

Items Used:
(Storage Vessels)
1 Thrifted Jar and 2 Dollar Tree Containers
No. 3086 Blue Quartz Treasure Gold Paint (by Folk Art)
No 3081 Gold Ore Treasure Gold Paint (by Folk Art)
(3) Brooches (Joann Fabric)
Hildie & Jo Flat Faux Leather Cord (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
(2) 3.5″ Inch Acrylic Disk (Amazon) (Small Lids)
(1) Dollar Tree Candle Holder Plate (Large Lid)
(2) 3.5″ Inch Acrylic Disk & (2) 4″ Acrylic Disk (Amazon)
4 Blue Gems (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
3 Gold Knobs (Amazon)
Vanity Tray :
(4) Gold Crystal Knobs (Amazon)
(1) 12″ x 1/8 Inch Acrylic Disc (Amazon)
1 Gold Brooch (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
8 Acrylic Gems (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
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