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How To Build a Stone Water Fountain | Ask This Old House

In this video, Ask This Old House landscape contractor Jenn Nawada and mason Mark McCullough team up to build a simple stone water feature that makes a big impact.

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Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada and mason Mark McCullough team up to install a water feature for a bubbly new project. By tapping Mark’s secret stash of hand-selected boulders and Jenn’s knowledge of landscaping features, the two put together a stone water fountain made from basic materials that homeowners can find at most hardware supply stores.

Skill: 2/5
Cost: Around $150
Time: 4 hours

Fountain basin with lid []
250 GPH fountain pump []
Large boulder []
Accessory rocks []
Old nail or screw for scratching the stone

Safety glasses []
Dust mask []
Straight edge []
Rotary hammer drill [] (rentable)
Stone drill bits []
Stone splitting feathers []
Small sledgehammer []
Bucket []

Where to find it?
Jenn and Mark team up to design and create a water feature out of a boulder. Jenn and Mark work together to split the boulder, sourced from Mark’s personal collection, in half using the feather and wedge technique. With a Bosch [] masonry drill [], they drill a series of holes across the center of the boulder. By placing feathers opposing one another in each hole and wedges in between each of the feathers, Mark is able to split the stone in half using a hammer. To finish they drill a hole through the center of the boulder that’s slightly larger than the width of the tubing, the tubing and water pump was assembled together in the fountain basin.

The fountain is powered by an MD Tidalwave MD-Series Pump [] manufactured by Atlantic Water Gardens [].

Pondmaster Adjustable Bell Fountain Kit [] was provided by Pondmaster Store [].

The accessory rocks were supplied by Miami Beach Pebbles, Inc Decorative Stones [].

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How To Build a Stone Water Fountain | Ask This Old House

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