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How to Tile a Shower | The Home Depot

Learn how to tile a shower for a full bathroom remodel. With some patience and planning, tiling the shower is a great DIY project for a long weekend. Seal the grout after installation for more staying power. For related videos, see our Tile Installation playlist: https://thd.co/3ykn1lt

Visit our How to Tile a Shower Wall guide for more details: https://thd.co/3kp2nvG

Follow these steps for tiling a shower wall:
0:00 How to Tile a Shower
0:10 Materials
0:32 Tools
1:01 Step 1: Strip the Shower
1:40 Step 2: Prep the Walls
2:42 Step 3: Set the Tile Starting Point
3:14 Step 4: Mix Mortar
3:32 Step 5: Complete a Tile Row
4:03 Step 6: Finish Setting Tile
5:02 Step 7: Add Finishing Touches

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How to Tile a Shower | The Home Depot

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