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6 Lessons I’ve Learned Renovating My First House


Lesson 1: Small trips to Home Depot or lowes save a ton of money, they may be inefficient time wise, but small trips will keep you from buying things you don’t need, which will save you money and keep you from wasting materials

Lesson 2: write out a game plan, stick with it and stay organized, I can’t tell you how much money I have wasted from not being organized, losing tools and having to re purchase them or just ruining things and getting them dirty, staying organized is a great way to lower stress levels and lower expenses

Lesson 3: Finish a project before moving on to your next one, I regret not finishing up my baseboards, still haunts me to this day, half my baseboards in my house are still not done because I didn’t finish them when I painted and now I’m lazy

Lesson 3.5: Have fun, take breaks, don’t burn yourself out renovating every single day

Lesson 4: Small expenses add up quick. I take you on a deep dive through my expenses on this project and show you how all these small little expenses ended up adding up to thousands of dollars, I did not budget for this and it would have been nice have planned, but now I know for the future and I will work it into my budget

Lesson 5: invest in a sprayer for painting and it will make your renovations and life so much easier, it will save so much time and be the best decision you’ve ever made, especially when you are remodeling your kitchen.

Lesson 6: home warranty companies are terrible to work with and a waste of money in my opinion

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