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Moving a Light Fixture | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner with an askew light fixture, centering it over their dining room table.

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Master electrician, Heath Eastman takes us on a house call to help a homeowner move a light over their dining room table. After assessing the situation and getting some careful measurements, the two move the table, shut off the breaker and get to work moving the light fixture.

Difficulty: 2/5
Time: 3 hours
Cost: Under $60

Where to find it?
Heath moves a kitchen ceiling light fixture 12-18 inches to center it over a kitchen table. He uses a small metal rod (about 16 inches long), pushes it through the ceiling, and bends it to a 90-degree angle, so there is about 2 inches of bent wire through the ceiling. Heath says by rotating the rod around 360 degrees without hitting anything, he knows he can freely work in that section of the ceiling.

Once Heath determines that the new location is free of obstacles, he drills a hole using a dust collector, and a 4-inch hole saw. After Heath detaches the fixture, he removes the old electrical box from the ceiling, freeing up the wire. After Heath installs the appropriate junction box and runs the wiring through it, he installs the new light fixture.

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* Painter’s tape []
* Pencil []
* Wire test bit []
* Fan brace []
* Electrical box []
* Wire connector []
* Chandelier light fixture []
* Hardware (including wire nuts) []

* Non-contact voltage tester []
* Screwdriver []
* Tape measure []
* Laser or plumb bob []
* Screw gun []
* Pliers []
* Keyhole saw or hole saw []
* Wire strippers []

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Moving a Light Fixture | Ask This Old House

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