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DIY How to Make Baby Tag Blankets | Bravo Dada

Hi everyone! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make two different baby tag blankets. These sensory / security blankets make a great gift for a lovely baby.

Important note: I use the metric system and make the exact conversion from cm to inches in the hope of helping. Please adapt these measurements to your ruler.

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The materials and techniques I used are the ones I thought were the best for me as a self-taught creative seamstress. It doesn’t mean they are the best for you, so feel free to use your creativity and make it your own! You can adjust the measurements as you like and also add other features.

Additional information:
– Probably there will be no problem with the ribbon loops but if you prefer not to double the ribbons to avoid the baby little fingers to get stuck in it, you can cut each ribbon (10-12cm | 3 15/16-4 23/32”) in two pieces (5-6cm | 1 31/32”-2 23/64) and sew them together or you can cut the ribbons in two only at the end of finishing sewing the tag blanket as shown in the video. Don’t forget to melt the ends of the ribbons (if they’re nylon or synthetic ribbons) with heat to stop them from fraying.
– If you want to make a crinkle taggy toy, you can use a piece of plastic from a cereal box between the fabric pieces (the same size as the fabric pieces) and follow the same steps shown in the video.
– I prefer to close up the opening with an invisible hand stitching before top stitching or edge stitching, it gives to your item a more professional look.

Square Baby Tag Blanket:
– 2 fabric pieces (100% cotton): 23cm | 9 1/16” x 23cm | 9 1/16”.
– 25 pieces of ribbon: 10-12cm | 3 15/16-4 23/32”.

Rectangular Baby Tag Blanket:
– 1 minky fabric piece: 25cm | 9 27/32” x 17cm | 6 11/16”.
– 1 fabric piece (100% cotton): 25cm | 9 27/32” x 17cm | 6 11/16”.
– 25 pieces of ribbon: 10-12cm | 3 15/16-4 23/32”.

Needle size:
– 90/14.

Seam Allowance:
– 0.7cm / 9/32” (ribbons);
– 1.5cm / 19/32” (taggy blankets).
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0:00 – Baby tag blankets.
0:37 – Supplies needed and fabric measurements.
0:50 – Placing and sewing the ribbons.
4:26 – Place and sew the front to the back fabric pieces together.
6:08 – Trim the excess fabric.
6:27 – Turn the baby tag blankets right side out and close up the opening with an invisible hand stitching.
8:23 – Iron the baby tag blankets.
8:33 – Edge stitch the baby tag blankets.
9:45 – Finished baby tag blankets.

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