The Final Master Bathroom Update

Alright, y’all. This will be the final master bathroom update that I write. After this, the next post I write about this bathroom will be the final, finished bathroom with the whole before and after tour.

I’m not promising when that will be, but I’m hoping it will be before Thanksgiving, which is next Thursday. I’d love to come back after Thanksgiving and get right to the home gym and see if I can finish that before the end of the year. That’s the goal, but I won’t be too hard on myself if I have a few small unfinished things in that room that need to carry over into next year.

But for now, here’s the final punch list for the bathroom. I still need to:

  • Clean the water closet. (It’s finished, but everything is covered in dust right now.)
  • Prime and paint that one piece of trim that I keep overlooking.
  • Do some paint touchups on the rest of the trim and wainscoting on this side of the room.
  • Take the plastic off of the door panes and add the privacy film.
  • Add a door pull on the edge of the door.
  • Cover the light and switch covers and get them installed.
  • Caulk and paint the unfinished wainscoting panel under the vanity.
  • Finish painting the plumbing under the vanity.
  • Finish installing the pulls on the storage cabinet.
  • Paint the mirror frame and hang the mirror.
  • Caulk and paint the trim/backsplash.
  • Install and grout the tile backsplash/accent.
  • Install the missing wainscoting panel under the vanity.
  • Install the faucet and plumbing.
  • Paint the plumbing parts under the vanity.
  • Sand, caulk, prime, and paint the last section of wainscoting.
  • Hem the shower curtain.
  • Caulk one area in the shower that I overlooked.

That’s the final, exhaustive list. If I counted correctly, that’s 18 things left on the list. Thankfully, some of those are quick and easy, and I can get them crossed off the list today. Others aren’t quite so quick and easy, so we’ll see if I can get all of that done before Thanksgiving!

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