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15 Steps of House Renovation | How to renovate your House | Best procedure for renovation |

This video will guide you step by step to renovating your space. One point we missed in this video is wood work. This should be done before you start painting.

Here are steps for you…
1. Vacate the area and remove all movable items.
2. Protect all those things like wood work, floor or any other items like wooden doors, windows etc. which can get damaged during renovation.
4. Remove and demolish the items you think you will not need after renovation.
5. Do the civil works first like opening or closing door or window or creating or removing the walls.
6. Do the electrical wiring, plumbing pipes installation. Get the copper pipe and drainage pipe of split airconditioner done.
7. Re repair the cuts and holes created for wiring and plumbing.
8. Marble Flooring.*
9. Polishing. ( Protect the marble with floor protector).*
10. Wood Work.
11. Paint, Wallpaper, Polish.
11a. Fix electrical and other fixtures like switch board, fans, lights etc.
12. Wooden Floor, Carpet, PVC.
13. Furnishings.. Curtains and Blinds.
14. Placing Furniture.
14a. Decoration with Artifacts

Please give your input if anything else you think will be useful.

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