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My DIY home renovation tips – learn from my mistakes. Get ready to put in some hours –

My DIY home renovation tips – Thinking of guying a fixer upper – Get ready to put in some hours
I thought it maybe helpful for anyone thinking of buying a fixer upper to hear some of my mistakes and experiences good and bad. Also things that if I was to do this again, I would definitely do differently.

I hope it helps some fixer upper out there!

A little cottage in the woods

We have bought a little cottage in the woods, that needs a lot to TLC!

A complete house renovation project, with the potential to be an epic forever home.

Will diy be enough to turn this fixer upper into a livable space for a family of five.

Can we fit our family of 5 in a small two bed cottage?

We finally make a start on painting the house and windows! We have many ducks that have decided to live with us and we get the house ready for Bonfire night. The most important job/work so far installing a zipline! We want to turn our garden into an adventure playground for the kids and for us too!

This cottage is our dream home, it’s our home imporvement, fixer upper project. We have big plans for this little cottage and we plan to show you our journey through this family vlog!

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