A Sneak Peek Of The Home Gym Flooring (Plus, Lighting and Storage Selections)

I’ve had a few people express concern about the flooring that I’m going to use in our home gym, and that’s due mostly to my poor cut-and-paste mockups that I’ve shared in previous posts. I’m talking about cut-and-paste pictures that look like this…

Ummmm…yeah. I can definitely understand the concern. 😀 That flooring looks light, gray, and very busy next to those walls.

But as more people expressed their concern, I started getting concerned as well. After all, I purchased this foam gym flooring quite a while back, and it has been in boxes ever since then. I couldn’t remember what the real in-person flooring looked like, and I started wondering if it really was going to be too light, too gray, and too busy.

So last night, after I finished up my work for the day (I’m still working on getting all of the trim caulked and ready for paint), I decided to open up one of the boxes of flooring and lay out a few pieces to see what it will actually look like with the walls.

I was so relieved! It was late last night, so there was no natural light at all, and the floor “read” as black. Not light, not gray, and not busy. Just black with subtle variations. I loved how it looked with the bright walls. But I was also anxious to see what it would look like in the natural light this morning, so as soon as I got up, I headed in there to take a look. And once again, I was relieved. Here’s how the real, actual flooring looks in the room…

It does have subtle variations in color, but it doesn’t look busy to my eye at all. I think it’s going to look fantastic!

And putting this flooring down is going to be a breeze. I covered maybe a quarter of the main area of the room (i.e., not including the long entrance or the closet area) in about five minutes. It couldn’t be easier! But once that flooring is down, I will be installing quarter round to cover the edges and finish off the baseboards.

So let’s talk about the light! I the majority agreed that the Dainolite semi-flush 3-light with black shade was the best choice. This was the cut-and-paste mockup that I did with that light.

And that is, in fact, the light that I bought. I was so convinced after doing those mockups yesterday morning that I hit “publish” on that post, and immediately purchased the light.

But here’s the funny twist. Remember that original light from Target? The perfect one that was out of stock?

It was back in stock this morning, so I bought it, too. 😀 I’ll try out both, see which one I like better, and return the other one.

And I also purchased a dresser to use in the closet area. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of building a dresser, and I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something for a closet in a home gym. So after searching several places online, I went with this dresser from WalMart.

The price is decent (just over $200), and the one review isn’t great, but that’s because a piece arrived broken. The reviewer said, “I feel like the quality of this is amazing…” but she rated it low because of the broken piece. So hopefully, mine won’t arrive with a broken piece. I’ll probably swap out those handles for something that actually shows up 😀 , but I love that it goes all the way to the floor so that it’s not one more piece that needs to be vacuumed under.

So things are coming together in this room! I hope to get all of the caulking done today on the trim, and then get as far as I can with painting the trim tomorrow. Now that I’ve seen part of the flooring in place, I’m very excited about getting this room put together and finished!

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