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How To Organize a Shed | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner take her cluttered, messy shed and completely organize it using a customizable shelving and storage system.

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Nathan Gilbert goes on a road trip to Texas where he helps a homeowner organize her garage. After the homeowner explains that she has six kids’ worth of toys in her garage space, Nathan decides to set up a track system with adjustable storage. The pair get to work attaching brackets for shelving, bikes, ladders, and tools, helping to organize the space for its best use.

When toys and tolls start piling up in the shed or garage, getting organized can feel overwhelming. Rather than letting that mess keep you from using the space to its full potential, get organized with a smart adjustable storage system. Carpenter Nathan Gilbert shows us exactly how it’s done on this house call, while he helps a busy mom of six clean up her shed.

Difficulty: ⅕
Cost: Around $100 for one storage rack set
Time: A day

Where to find it?
Nathan installs a storage track system [] in a shed for a Texas homeowner. Nathan explains there are many organizational track systems available on the market. He suggests considering what you’re storing and how often you’ll need to access the items being stored before deciding on a system.

1. Locate the studs and mark them. Measure out the distance between each stud using a stud finder to determine where your other rails will need to be. Measure from the center of one stud to the center of the next one. Most studs are going to be between 16 to 24 inches on center apart.
2. Measure how high you want your railing to be. To make sure that your railing is going to be straight, use a level and mark off where each railing will start and end. And mark pilot holes
3. Mount the rails using a drill and the provided screws. Drill pilot holes and screw steel rail onto the wall. The rails already have pre-drilled mounting holes.
4. Give the rails a gentle tug to make sure they’re set in sturdy. Then attach rail cover over the steel rail
5. Hang hooks and attachments on the rails

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Stud finder []
Tape measure []
Level []
Drill driver []

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How To Organize a Shed | Ask This Old House

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