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How Not To Build a Deck | Why Waterproofing Is a MUST

Learn how NOT to build a deck, 3 simple steps solutions + WHAT happens when you don’t FLASH or waterproof Decks. Learn deck building TIPS: and common failure points. What happens when you have a gap for expansion, common deck maintenance mistakes. What causes deck cupping? Why is it BAD for your Deck? Biggest problem with floating deck or ground level decks? What happens when you don’t use deck tape to flash your deck. What causes Wet Rot? Problems with grading, What does above ground contact lumber mean and more. Deck building tips for pressure treated wood, composite decking and PVC decking. If you have any questions on building your own DIY Deck let me know! Deck building is one of the most rewarding outdoor projects you can do! Happy Deck Building!

How To Build + Frame a Deck Why Most Are Building Decks The Hard Way:
Arborvitaes 10 Years Later…Here’s What I Learned:
How To Plant Arborvitaes:
How To Build Raised Garden Beds (EASY DIY):

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Always follow your local building codes and use proper safety measures when undertaking home improvement projects.

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Time codes:
00:00 Not to Build a Deck: Everything Went Wrong With This Decking
00:14 1 Problem: What Happens When Gaps Are Too Close?
00:55 How to Avoid Cupping: Common Issue for DIY What is cupping
01:28 2 Problem: What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Deck
01:52 Why Decks Need Air? Ground Level Deck/Floating Deck Issue
02:17 3 Problem: Above Ground Only What Does That Mean? Grading Problem
03:30 Why Waterproof? This is What happens to Joists + Stringers/Substructure

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