Four Color & Paint Options For My Studio Desk

I had such a great day yesterday! I had my usual lunch with my mom and brother, but we were joined by two more people who aren’t usually at our table. One of those people was one of my dearest friends from Houston, and we talked and laughed from noon until about 10:00pm last night. It was just what I needed after the previous highly stressful, emotional, exhausting, and difficult day and night with Matt. So I felt refreshed, invigorated, and ready to hit the ground running today on my final studio projects.

After reading all of your comments and suggestions about my studio desk, I’ve realized that instead of only two different options, I have four different options for the colors and paint choices. So thanks for that. 😀 Just kidding. I do love options, so I need to think through this a little more.

As a refresher (or if you’re new around here), my desk will be sitting in front of these cabinets…

And my desk, which started out with a black base and a dark stained wood top, is getting a bit of a makeover to lighten up the look and give it a carved leaf panel detail on the sides…

So again, after reading your comments, I made note of the different suggestions for paint and color combination options that I liked, and that I’m now considering. They are…

All white with small gold accents

This was one of my original options, and I still really like it. I think a white desk would lighten up the area, and lighten up the look of my rather large desk.

Gold Base With White Top

I think this is a classic look. It’s simple, elegant, classic, and would go great in my studio. Here’s an example from Homary.

This desk from Walmart has an additional gold detail on the white desktop, which I really like.

So those are the to options that I already had in mind, but here are the two additional options I’m considering after ready the comments on yesterday’s post…

White Base Wood Top

I hadn’t even considered this option because I’ve grown to really dislike the current dark stained wood top that is on the desk right now, so I was wanting to head in a totally different direction. But I don’t have to do a stained top. I could order a piece of walnut veneer, and just use it in its natural color like I did on the vanities and cabinet in our bathroom. That would eliminate that dark, heavy, fake stained look, and would add more natural wood warmth to the room. It would look more like this Keliah dining table from Wayfair.

I really love that idea, but obviously, I wouldn’t be able to finish it over this next weekend because I’d have to wait for the walnut veneer to arrive. But the wait might be worth it! It would definitely be easier to care for than a painted surface. And it would carry the warmth of my antique walnut woven window shades into another part of the room, which I like.

And the final option is…

Gold Base With A (Faux) Marble Top

I do love marble, but I don’t love the price. And my desk is quite large (32″ x 60″), so I’d be paying regular price (as opposed to remnant prices) for a piece of marble that size. But I have painted a faux marble finish before (on our living room coffee table, which you can see here) with great success, if I do say so myself. 😀 And of course, I’d love to try it again.

I think my faux marble on our coffee table is prettier than this faux marble on this dining table, but this dining table from Povison shows what it looks like with a gold base.

So those are the four options. My favorite at this very moment is actually the white base with the walnut top, but I was so exited about the prospect of finishing this desk makeover in the next couple of days. The idea of having to wait for walnut veneer to arrive doesn’t thrill me, but I do have other projects that I can work on while I wait. I still have trim that needs to be installed and finished, and two doors that need to be painted. So those things could keep me busy this weekend while I wait for veneer.

I know several people suggested different ways of highlighting the leaf detail on the sides of the desk. I did consider those suggestions, but in the end, I decided that I prefer the leaf cutout to be a subtle detail that is painted the same color as the rest of the base rather than having it stand out as a highlighted detail. So I’ll definitely be painting all of the base one color. I’m just not 100% sure right now if that color will be white or gold. I know for sure that it won’t be black. Or eggplant. Or any other dark color. 🙂


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